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Tune-up Options

Complete Tune-up-  Adjust gears, adjust brakes, lube cables,     true wheels, adjust hubs, clean drive-train, light cleaning of bicycle. We will also do a thorough inspection of the bike and give you recommendations.  $100. (parts are extra)

Deluxe Tune-up-  All of the above, plus replace all cables and housing.  $180 (This includes the price of the cables and housing)

Complete Overhaul-  All of the above, plus we overhaul hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. $240 (This price includes cables, housing, and bearings (not sealed))

Deluxe Overhaul-  All of the above, plus we do our best to detail the frame and components (that means clean and polish). $280.

For quickest turn around, you can make an appointment for your bike.  If you are not too worried about time, we usually only need your bike for a couple of days.  In the spring and summer time we sometimes get backed up for a week or so.

Claire and Mathilda