The Hub Cyclery was officially opened on November 24, 1976.  There had been a bike shop for many years before at the original location, but the name was changed to The Hub Cyclery at that time.  For many years it sat in a sleepy little location behind the park in downtown Cotati in beautiful Sonoma County. The store was in a historical building that had been, in Cotati’s past, a blacksmith shop. It was a great old building with a lot of character, but tough for customers to find. Claire and Chaz became owners of the bike shop on April 1, 1990.  Chaz had worked there for about 5 years before the purchase.  It was a much slower pace back then.  We spent many a sunny afternoon eating ice cream on the front porch between customers.  Since then we have moved out onto Old Redwood Highway, and things have been going crazy ever since, (no more time for ice cream).

    Currently, the store is owned and operated by Chaz and Claire Fetrow. We’ve owned the store for over 32 years and our in our fourth location.  We are dedicated to great customer service and have a wide and varied background in cycling. We’ve both been involved in racing mountain, road and triathlon events. However, our love shifted to ultra distance events like the Davis Double Century, The Death Ride and other 200 mile one day events.  

If you have not been in the store yet, please come down and check us out. Sometimes we feel that if we are the last bike shop that you visit all the better. You’ll have something to compare us to. Our aim is attentive professional service without an attitude.